If you know what you want then you can see how you can cut your costs below. But even if you aren’t absolutely sure, you can still save just the same amount of money. Just talk to our photographers about your requirements.

Pack Shots

2-9 Shots

£35.00 / per shot

full service

10-19 Shots

£30.00 / per shot

full service

20-29 Shots

£25.00 / per shot

full service

30-49 Shots

£20.00 / per shot

full service

50-99 Shots

£18.00 / per shot

full service

100+ Shots

£15.00 / per shot

full service

With our full service you are guaranteed a professional photographer and a detailed briefing meeting.

Clipping Paths


£3.00 / per item

Simple block shaped objects


£4.50 / per item

Objects with 6+ sides, eg. chairs

Multiple Sides

£8.00 / per item

Outdoor gear… bikes etc


£15.00 / per item

Detailed objects; lace, jewellery etc

We use Clipping Paths to lift your product out of its background completely. This makes your shot more versatile, allowing you to place it on top of other colours within different images.

Group Shots

2-3 Items

£59.00 / per shot

1 shot

4-5 Items

£99.00 / per shot

1 shot

6-10 Items

£129.00 / per shot

1 shot

Creative Photography

Per Hour

£125 / 60 mins

exec service

Half Day

£400 / 4 hours

exec service

Full Day

£700 / 8 hours

exec service

If you want to capture some real dynamism and beauty you will need more input in terms of your setting, location, people and styling. As more is involved we price by the hour, not for each shot.

Included in this rate are:

  • Sourcing any necessary props or backgrounds
  • Styling/Direction
  • High quality Digital Photography
  • Final images from our server, email, FTP or CD/DVD


Retouching / Extras

Custom Backgrounds

£49.00 / one-off charge

same background

Image Retouching

£40.00 / per half hour

professional service


£10.00 / Edinburgh City

enquire for further

Retouching is mostly done as part of our service when it comes to deleting the odd blemish or dust mote. However, major retouching is costed above. Talk to our photographers about any other price list considerations. We like to make sure we are very competitive and transparent.